Defending General Protections Claims

What are General Protections Claims? 

General protections claims, involving allegations of adverse action in the workplace, are among the most complex legal challenges faced by employers. Saines Legal provides expert legal advice and representation in defending against these claims, ensuring that your business navigates these disputes with thorough legal understanding and strategic acumen.

Understanding General Protections Claims

General protections provisions under the Fair Work Act are designed to protect workplace rights, prevent discrimination, and ensure industrial fairness. Claims arise when employees allege violations of these protections. Saines Legal assists businesses in understanding these claims and formulating a robust defence strategy.

Legal Defence and Representation

Our services in this area include:

  • Detailed assessment of the claim and its implications for your business.
  • Strategic legal defence in negotiations and Fair Work Commission proceedings and court proceedings. 
  • Guidance on compliance with general protections provisions to prevent future claims.

Proactive Legal Approach

To minimise the risk of such claims, we also offer:

  • Review and enhancement of workplace policies and procedures.
  • Training for management and HR teams on compliance with general protections.
  • Ongoing legal advice to keep businesses informed of legislative changes and best practices.

Legal Advice for General Protections Claims

Defending against general protections claims requires nuanced legal expertise and a proactive approach. Saines Legal is committed to providing comprehensive legal support, defending your business interests and ensuring compliance with workplace laws. Contact Saines Legal for expert legal assistance in defending against general protections claims.

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