Defending Industrial Action

What action can employees take for Industrial action? 

Industrial action, including strikes,  work stoppages, and protests  can significantly disrupt business operations and pose complex legal challenges. Saines Legal provides expert legal services in defending against industrial action, ensuring businesses effectively manage these situations in compliance with Australian industrial relations law.

Understanding Industrial Action

Industrial action can arise from various disputes between employers and employees or unions. It’s essential for businesses to understand their rights and obligations in these scenarios. Saines Legal assists businesses in navigating industrial action, offering strategic advice to defend against it while maintaining compliance with industrial laws.

Legal Representation and Strategy

Our services in this area include:

  • Advising on the legality of industrial actions and employer rights.
  • Strategic guidance on responding to industrial disputes.
  • Representation in negotiations, industrial tribunal and court proceedings.

Preventative Measures and Dispute Resolution

To mitigate the risk of industrial action, we provide:

  • Development and review of industrial relations strategies and policies.
  • Training for management on effective dispute resolution techniques.
  • Assistance in negotiating enterprise agreements to prevent future disputes.

What to do if your workforce takes industrial action? 

Effectively defending against industrial action requires a thorough understanding of industrial relations law and strategic legal expertise. Saines Legal offers comprehensive legal support to navigate these challenges, minimising disruption to your business and ensuring compliance with relevant laws. For expert legal assistance in defending against industrial action, contact Saines Legal.

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