When can I offer a Redundancy? 

Redundancies are often a challenging but sometimes necessary part of business restructuring. They require careful handling to ensure they are carried out legally and compassionately. Saines Legal specialises in providing legal advice and support during the redundancy process, helping businesses navigate this difficult period while maintaining compliance with Australian employment laws.

Understanding Redundancies

A redundancy occurs when an employee’s job is no longer required due to changes in the business, such as downsizing, restructuring, or technological changes. It’s crucial that redundancies are genuine and not used as a guise for unfair dismissal. Saines Legal advises on the legal criteria for a genuine redundancy and assists in executing the process correctly.

Legal Obligations

Our services include guidance on:

  • The legal requirements for a genuine redundancy, including consultation obligations and exploring redeployment options.
  • Calculating redundancy payments and other entitlements.
  • Managing the redundancy process in a way that minimises legal risk and respects the rights of employees.

Supporting Employers and Employees

We understand the impact of redundancies on both businesses and employees. Saines Legal assists in managing the process sensitively, including:

  • Communicating effectively with employees.
  • Providing support for transitioning out of the business.
  • Advising on employee assistance programs.

Policy Development and Training

In addition to handling redundancies, Saines Legal also helps businesses develop redundancy policies and provides training to management on best practices in managing redundancies, ensuring future processes are compliant and handled effectively.

Should I seek legal advice before making an employee Redundant? 

Managing redundancies with fairness, empathy, and legal compliance is vital. Saines Legal provides expert advice and support to ensure your redundancy process is managed professionally, safeguarding your business and supporting affected employees. For comprehensive legal assistance with redundancies, turn to Saines Legal.

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