Workplace Health and Safety Investigations

Who can conduct and Workplace Health and Safety Audit? 

Maintaining a safe workplace is a legal requirement and a moral obligation for all businesses. Saines Legal provides expert legal services in managing workplace health and safety (WHS) investigations, ensuring businesses comply with Australian laws and regulations while prioritising the safety and wellbeing of their employees.

Navigating WHS Investigations

WHS investigations can be initiated due to accidents, complaints, or as part of routine checks by regulatory bodies. Saines Legal assists businesses in effectively managing these investigations, ensuring thorough compliance and minimal disruption to operations.

Legal Support and Representation

Our services in this area include:

  • Guidance on legal obligations and rights during WHS investigations.
  • Representation in dealings with WHS regulatory bodies and during inspections.
  • Assistance in preparing for and responding to investigations.

Risk Management and Compliance

To ensure ongoing compliance, we provide:

  • Audits of workplace health and safety practices and policies.
  • Training for management and staff on WHS responsibilities and best practices.
  • Ongoing advice on changes in WHS laws and how they impact your business.

Should I seek Legal Advice when Setting up a WHS Plan? 

Effective management of workplace health and safety investigations is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment and protecting your business from legal risks. Saines Legal offers the expertise necessary to navigate these investigations with confidence, ensuring compliance and promoting a culture of safety. Contact Saines Legal for professional legal support in WHS investigations.

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